Countdown to Christmas: Day 17

Hello! Countdown to Christmas 17 is here and there’s only 8 sleeps to christmas!
Today I will be showing you more party nails with another Avon polish.I used my navy shimmer, twilight blue, polish by Avon and the Avon ‘Opalesce’ polish.

I really love this new polish by Avon. It’s a top coat with iridescent glitter flakes. It’s perfect with most polishes because of the many colours that can be achieved by the glitter, depending on the light and angle you look at it. Like in some of my other designs, I do prefer to use dark polishes with glitter and this top coat for a more dramatic look. I recently used it with a turquoise colour and I was slightly disappointed because it did look like the polish was chipped even though it was just the flakes.
I still love the unique look. It’s easy to apply evenly which is always something that I look for in a polish. I must stress that this should be used just as a topcoat and it wouldn’t look right on its own- also you would need about ten coats to make it opaque which is not even worth trying…

opal polish_ljmoo123

So if you want to dazzle on the Christmas dance floor, apply a base coat, base colour and two coats of this polish and your good to go!

opal nailsMore nails soon! Also, remember you can vote for me in the china glaze contest… VOTE HERE! 😉



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