Countdown to Christmas:Day 16 + Voting

Hello my little Christmas lovers!

Yes unfortunately, yesterday I missed yet another post but I promise to make up for it today. 🙂 I will be showing you a two-step post. First of all I will show you a very basic design which features two polishes. After this point, you can stop or, you can continue with a more complicated design which features a few more tools and materials. Without further ado, let’s get this manicure started!

First design

Now this design is the king of basic but festive nails. You can’t go wrong with a bit of sparkle and that is something that this design does not lack!

I used one of my favorite nail colours ever- pastel blue, and also my chunky ‘silver plated’ polish by Avon. In my previous party nail designs I’ve suggested deep and dramatic colours, but this glitter works well with any colour! The pastel blue and silver reminds me of winter and ice skating. It’s a perfect combination. I simply used two coats of my pastel blue nail polish which has no name 😦 and then added ‘silver plated’.

winter nails

Second design

In my head and on photos on Pinterest, this design looks much better. I was still quite pleased with the result but it’s not my favorite design. I used my green flocking powder to produce mini fluffy Christmas trees. Follow these steps to create the velvet trees:

Step 1- Start by applying a base coat and any base colour you like. I used my winter look design from above.

Step 2- Use either striping tape or masking tape to section off the nail so you are left with a triangle. I found that striping tape was a little more tricky to use as you have to be careful with the next step, but it gave a much better edge than the masking tape


Step 3- Paint the remaining area green. Try to use the closest colour green to your flocking powder

Step 4- While the polish is still wet, sprinkle green flocking or velvet powder. Press this onto the nail and remove the excess with a fan brush. Peel off the striping tape or masking tape straight away.

Step 5- Add little decorations! I used mini caviar beads for baubles and star sequins for the top of the tree. You could also use a star stud like I did on my thumb.

You can add a topcoat to the tip of the nail but not to the flocking powder.

An alternative tree would be an abstract tree design. I did this on my thumb nail. It requires a few extra pieces of striping tape crossed over. abstract tree_ljmoo123

I ended up with this result:

velvet trees_ljmoo123

Like I said it’s not my favorite design because some of the flocking powder disappeared into the nail polish 😦

Finally onto the voting news. China Glaze only decided to send my voting  link yesterday ( 😦 ) but you can now VOTE HERE!

I really appreciate every single vote, so if you have a spare two minutes please vote for my Christmas Pudding design. Please remember after voting, you must go to your email account to activate the vote. Thank You!!


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