Countdown to Christmas: Day 14

It’s time to reveal a new nail design! Today I will be showing you the final nail in my false nails set. That design is of course a present nail!present nails

The great thing about this design is, it works with almost any colour combination. You could even do a different colour present for each nail. The possibilities are endless!

To create this cute design, you will need:

  • A base colour (I used a red with a gold shimmer)
  • 2 Stripers in colours of your choice (I used Gold and White)

Step 1- Apply a base coat and apply 2 coats of a base colour.

Step 2- Paint a vertical line through the centre of the nail with a gold (or your chosen colour) striper. The line should be quite thick.

Step 3- Paint two loops either side of the stripe for the bow outline. Paint the other two pieces of ribbon hanging from the centre

Step 4- Repeat steps 2 and 3 with the other colour striper ( in this case white). Just make sure that when you go over the last colour, the lines are thinner. The previous colour should be the outline of the shapes.

Step 5- Paint a white dot where the bow and vertical ribbon meet in the centre.

Step 6- Apply a topcoat and it’s done!

For more party nails, holiday designs, tricks and tips, please stay tuned!

P.S~ tomorrow I will be revealing a link where you can vote for my design in the China Glaze nail art contest. Get ready to Vote, Vote, Vote!! 😉


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