Countdown to Christmas: Day 13

With only 12 sleeps until Christmas, now is the time to prepare and plan your festive manicure! Today I will be revealing a new false nail that I painted. Unfortunately, I missed Day 12 due to festive parties and family gatherings etc. but now let’s get started with a new design!

Today I will be telling you how to create an abstract Christmas tree design! It was inspired by a video on YouTube by Tangledinwishes which you can watch here.

I love this design because it’s not a typical Christmas tree nail. It’s made up of small, medium and large circles, some have white circles in the centre.

         To create this design, you will need:

abstract dot tree

Follow these few steps to create this design:

Step 1- Apply a base coat and paint your nails two thin coats of a white polish.

Step 2- Start with the bottom layer. Put some green, light green and red polish on a palette or paper. Use various sized dotting tools to create a line of dots in various colours.

Step 3- Continue to add layers of dots but make each row smaller as you progress up the nail. You are aiming to create a triangle made up of dots.

Step 4- Using the white polish, add a few dots in some of the circles.

Step 5- Add the tree stump by using a striper or brush. If you don’t have a striper/brush you can use a toothpick.

Step 6- Add a topcoat and it’s done!

That’s all for today. New designs tomorrow so stay tuned!


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