Countdown to Christmas: Day 11

Happy 11/12/13! 🙂 It’s time for day 11 of Countdown to Christmas!

Over the next three days, I will be revealing 3 new nails designs with step-by-step details on how you can recreate the designs. Although there are 12 nails on the false nail set (6×2), I have already shown you how to create 3 out of the 6 designs. These designs are the Snowman, Christmas pudding and holly.

Today I will be revealing another design. It’s really cute and Christmassy! It’s a Santa suit!

santa suit

You could even use green to create little elf suits too. To create this design I used a red polish by Revlon, Alpine Snow by OPI, Black by Barry M and my gold Rio Nails nail striper.

Step 1- Apply a base coat and two coats of a red polish (or green for an elf).

Step 2- Paint the tip white with a normal nail polish brush. You can use a French tip guide if you wish.

Step 3- Paint a white stripe down the centre of the nail. You can use striping tape to make the lines straight and even.

Step 4- Paint a black stripe across the middle of the nail. For the best line, rotate the nail/finger while keeping the brush still.

Step 5- Use the gold striper for the belt buckle. In the centre of the black line you just created, draw a square with a little line inside.

Step 6- Apply a top coat and the design is complete!

You can mix and match this design with other Christmas nail or you could paint all of your nails with this Santa design.

Come back for a new design tomorrow! 🙂



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