Countdown to Christmas: Day 10!

It’s day 10 of countdown to Christmas! Unfortunately I missed yesterday’s post but I will be showing you more than one item today to make up for it 😉

First of all, I will be showing you one of my favorite autumn/winter shades by OPI. It reminds me of autumn colours but it is also perfect for Christmas and looks great with a gold glitter gradient. The polish that I am talking about is Bogota Blackberry by OPI.

I absolutely love this shade! It’s a very deep red colour with a slight shimmer which makes it look like a metallic polish. As I said it’s great for both Christmas and Autumn due to its deep colour. It could also be used as an accent nail combined with other christmassy colours.

OPII use this colour for a lot of designs. You can also use it to create little metallic santa hats like I did in my previous Santa Hat post.

I am a fan of OPI anyway, but this polish is still special. It’s opaque in two very thin coats and is easy to apply. I am able to apply it evenly and streak free!

And for the second half of my post… More Snowflakes! As you can probably tell, I’m in love with this design. I recently created these snowflakes on somebody with very short nails and as you can see, they still look great! On the middle finger, I created a Christmas tree. I used some striping tape to ensure that the edges were neat. I was very lucky with my striping tape deal as I found 6 wheels of tape for just 99p in Newlook! A random place to find it but it still works and at a bargain price! In case you don’t know what striping tape is, it’s basically a very thin wheel of metallic tape that can either be applied and left on the nail or, you can use it as a guide to create straight lines. I will be showing you more designs with striping tape soon!

After creating the green triangle with my No7 polish, I added some micro-beads as baubles and a little star stud for top of the tree.

Snowflake and tree

That’s it for today’s double post. New post tomorrow… 🙂


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