Countdown to Christmas: Day 8

It’s day 8 of countdown to Christmas and today I will be showing you how to create some sparkle-tastic nails perfect for a Christmas party or even for new year.
Glitter gradients are simple, effective and can be created by anybody. You can use all sorts of colour combinations to match your party outfit. I really love to create this effect with deep blues or purples to make it look quite dramatic. Another possible colour combination would be red and gold for the ultimate Christmas colour code.

In order to create this look, you need a coloured polish of your choice and any type of glitter polish. I used a precious stone polish by Rimmel. If you just look at the bottle, it looks quite grey but it’s mostly made up of silver glitter. It contains both fine glitter and some larger pieces of bronze/silver glitter.

glitter nails_ljmoo123

If you want to create this merry mani, follow these steps:

Step 1– Apply two coats of your base colour. I used Betty Blues by No7. It’s a very deep blue/navy and actually has a little bit of blue glitter but unless you look close up, you can’t really see it.

Step 2- Remove the majority of the glitter polish of the brush. Paint the remaining polish three-quarters of the way down the nail.

Step 3- Use the glitter polish again but this time, don’t remove as much polish. Paint the top half of the nail.

Step 4- Use the glitter polish one more time but just paint the tip. This gives the gradient effect because there will be more polish at the top of the nail.

Step 5- I used a little bit of a chunky glitter polish called ‘silver plated’ by Avon. Again I just applied this to the tip for a little extra glitter but this is not necessary.

Step 6- Apply a top coat and you’re done!

Come back tomorrow for Countdown to Christmas: Day 9 for more festive treats!





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