Countdown to Christmas: Day 6

Day 6 of countdown to Christmas is here!

Today I will be doing a summary of all of the nails that I have created over the past five days. I will include difficulty and tools required for each design. I have now revealed enough designs to mix and match a whole hand full of nail art so there’s no excuse to walk around with plain nails in this Christmas spirit filled land.

Christmas nail art

Design: Santa hat French tip
Difficulty: beginner
Tools required: stripers and dotting tools. Gems are optional.

Design: Holly tree
Difficulty: intermediate holly leaves are little difficult at first but they get easier with practice
Tools required: Stripers and gems

Design: Snowman
Difficulty: intermediate requires some detailed elements
Tools required: stripers, dotting tools and nail art pens for details

Difficulty: intermediate requires a steady hand for some details
Tools required:basic stripers, dotting tools and gems

Design: Christmas pudding
Difficulty: beginner very easy to create
Tools required: dotting tools and stripers

Tomorrow I will be posting Countdown to Christmas day 7! Look out for new Christmas designs!


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