Countdown to Christmas: Day 5

It’s day 5 of Countdown to Chirstmas!

Today I will be revealing one of my favourite designs that I thought of myself. It’s very festive and perfect for beginners and those who have small nails. Many people think that small nails and nail art is a no-no but there are many designs that suit all nail types.

So, without further ado, here is today’s design!

 Christmas day 5_ljmoo123

 Yes, it is a Christmas pudding!

christmas pudding_ljmoo123

If you want to create this design follow these steps:

Step 1- Apply a base coat to protect the natural nail

Step 2- Apply a brown base colour. I used Mushroom by Barry M.

Step 3- Create the sauce by using either a dotting tool or you could just use the brush that is inside the polish because you don’t have to be perfect. I used Alpine Snow by OPI. Start at the top of the nail and add a large dot of white polish. Drag the polish down the nail to create a dripping effect.

Step 4– Use a green striper to make some holly for the top of the pudding. Start by drawing a line and then add the rounded parts. It doesn’t have to be too detailed but you can refer to Day 2’s holly design here for more details.  Add mini berries with a dotting tool and red polish.

Step 5- Use a toothpick dipped into black polish or a nail art pen to add little black dots for the mixed fruit.

Step 6- Add a topcoat for a glossy shine and a chip free Christmas pudding!

That concludes a handful of nail designs! Tomorrow I will be doing a summary of all of the designs of the week, so watch this space..



3 thoughts on “Countdown to Christmas: Day 5

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