Countdown to Christmas: Day 4

It’s time for Day 4’s design!

Today I will be revealing a new design which features a red nose. You can probably guess what it is already but yes, today I will be telling you how to recreate a Rudolph design. I was inspired by Robin Moses’s YouTube video which you can watch here.

I used a small red nail art gem to add dimension to the nose. As shown in the original tutorial, you can even add mini googly eyes for even more of a 3-D look.

Christmas rudolph_ljmoo123

This design may be a little bit difficult for complete nail-art-newbies but with a little practice, it’s a great design to try out.

rudolph nail_ljmoo123

If you want to add this reindeer to your finger-tips, keep reading:

Step 1- Apply a base coat to protect the natural nail

Step 2- Apply a base colour. I used black by Barry M. You could add some glitter to the base colour to resemble a starry sky.

Step 3- Use a brown polish or acrylic paint (I used Mushroom by Barry M) and a dotting tool to make a round face. You can use a lighter brown polish to add highlights to the face, depending on how detailed you want the design to be.

Step 4- Create the antlers by using either a striper or a toothpick and lighter brown polish.

Step 5- Add the smile by using a striper or nail art pen

Step 6- Add his red nose. You can use either a metallic or normal red polish to create a dot, or you can add a mini red gem like I did.

Step 7- Create the eyes by making two white dots with a large dotting tool. Use a smaller dotting tool to add black pupils

Step 8- This is optional but you can add a little bow or ribbon at the bottom of the nail by using a striper.

 Add a top coat and this design is complete!

Make sure you come back tomorrow to see the fifth design of the week!



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