Countdown to Christmas: Day 2

It’s time for Countdown to Christmas Day 2, where I will be revealing a new nail design!

This is one of my favourite christmas designs of the year. I was inspired by a blog post on ‘One Nail To Rule Them All’ (you can view the original post here). I love this blog and I really admire the designs.

Anyway, my day 2 design, features traditional Christmas holly. I did add my own twist to the original design by adding nail gems and a little more glitter, perfect for a Christmas party!

Christmas Holly Nail

Nail 2 revealed!

This design is slightly more difficult than yesterday’s Santa hat nail but with some patience and the right tools, it can be recreated.Christmas holly_ljmoo123

Here’s how you can add some holly to your festive manicure:

Step 1- Apply a base coat as normal to protect the natural nail.

Step 2- Apply a base colour. I used my favourite white polish – ‘Alpine Snow by OPI. You don’t have to use white but I think that it allows the green and red polish to stand out and it doesn’t over complicate the design.

Step 3- Draw the holly leaves. I used a green nail art pen by Rio nails. Use the very tip of the striper brush to make leaves with small curves at the side of the shape. Refer to an image of a holly leaf if you need too.

Step 4- Apply the berries. I used a dotting tool and Barry M’s ‘Magnetic red’ polish to make small dots. I decided to add a small red gem to one set of berries to add a little more dimension but this isn’t necessary.

Step 5- Leaf detail. Use a lighter green polish to add a small line inside each leaf. This adds more detail to the holly.

Step 6– Silver dots. Again this is optional but I wanted to add more sparkle so, use a very small dotting tool or toothpick with some silver or fine glitter polish to add 2-3 dots in the white gaps.

Add a top coat and you’re done!

That is all for countdown to christmas day 2! Come back tomorrow for a new merry mani!

Only 23 more sleeps…


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