How to make a Dotting Tool

In a lot of my posts, I often mention that I use dotting tools to complete my designs. If you want to create these designs and don’t have any dotting tools, don’t worry! There are plenty of alternative items that you can use to create dots and shapes with either nail polish or acrylic paint. Dotting tool alternatives2_ljmoo123

I used my new Boots No7 polish in ‘Red Wine’ to produce dots with each tool so you can see that a variety of dots of different sizes can be produced with each tool. You can use any of the following tips to create your own:

1. Pencil and pin– I used a flat headed pin and pushed the pointed end into the rubber part of the pencil. I then used the flat head to create dots.

2. Hair clips– You can purchase 50-100 bobby pins/clips for about £1 from any beauty store. The rounded end is perfect for creating dots and the pin can be stretched to make it easier to hold.

3. A pen– an old empty pen is probably best so that the ink doesn’t run into the polish. The ball point can be used with polish to create dots. For large dots, you could even use the other end of the pen, or even a pen lid.

4. Toothpick/cocktail stick– These are perfect for small details. They can also be used to draw small shapes or writing on the nail.

5. Embossing tool– some embossing tools are exactly like dotting tools. I purchased one for just over £1 in a craft shop. They are available in a variety of sizes and are perfect if you don’t want to buy a full set of dotting tools.

The last few tools in the image are the dotting tools that I have. They can be purchased for a very small price on both ebay and Amazon. They are great value for money if you regularly paint your nails.

dot design

A possible design

This is a possible design to try out. I used a variety of dotting tools to create different sized bubbles. I used a nude polish as my base colour and added silver, black and metallic green for the spots. It’s such a basic but effective design that can be easily created using any of the dotting tool methods above.

That’s all for today. The design opportunities are endless! Try using one of the dotting tool methods to create your own designs 😉


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