While battling the early christmas crowds yesterday in clothing store, Primark, I discovered a new product that I have never seen before. As a dedicated nail art fan, I’m always on the look out for the latest methods and products available. A lot of you may have heard of ‘Chalkboard nails’ which are also very effective, these can be easily achieved by a dark polish, matt topcoat and some nail art pens (review for those coming soon).  Yesterday however, I discovered a new nail art gift set in order to create … *drum roll* Whiteboard nails!
Whiteboard nail sets have never really occurred to me, although I did try out a similar method a few weeks ago, using a Sharpie marker pen.sharpie nails

I really love this design and it is very simple and affordable. If you can doodle on paper, you can doodle on your nails. I actually found it quite relaxing 🙂

In order to create this design, you will need: A base coat, White polish (I used OPI Alpine Snow), a sharpie marker pen or a nail art pen.

  1. Apply a base coat-  I would really recommend using a base coat for this design due to the marker pen.
  2. Apply a base colour- I applied two thin coats of a white OPI polish, you could also experiment with other colours.
  3. Get doodling!- I decided to try produce and abstract design, consisting of triangles and dots. You can create very random designs, from smiley faces to noughts and crosses, draw them on your nails! 😀

That’s it! Normally I would apply a top coat to seal and protect the design, but DO NOT add a topcoat when using a marker, this will smudge the pen and will cause the black ink to bleed. If you are using a nail art pen on the other hand, be sure to apply a top coat. I did try applying some hairspray to my finished mini-mani-whiteboards to seal the design but this also caused the ink to run a little.

sharpie nails

That’s all for today, remember to leave feedback and suggestions in the comment section below, like I said in my last post (Christmas Nordic Nails) stay tuned for some exciting news coming soon!

Ljmoo123 😉


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