Galaxy Nails

Hello 🙂

Today I decided to try a ‘Galaxy’ nail art design, inspired by Cutepolish’s YouTube video tutorial.

This nail art is very easy to recreate and you don’t necessarily need to go out and purchase any extra tools. It’s a very effective design that is complete in a few easy steps!

Galaxy nail art

Galaxy nail art

In order to create this design, you will need:

  • Black nail polish
  • White nail polish/acrylic paint
  • Blue nail polish/acrylic paint
  • Navy/dark blue polish (optional, you can just use black)
  • A sponge, I would recommend a simple makeup sponge
  • A graffiti nail polish in black and white (I used Boots Seventeen ‘Off the Wall Graffiti Nail Effects’)
  • A base coat and top coat
Items Used

Items Used: Sally Hansen Double Duty base and top coat, Barry M- Cyan Blue, Avon Speed Dry- Twilight Blue, Seventeen Graffiti Monochrome, O.P.I- Alpine Snow.

I started by removing all traces of previous nail polish and applied a base coat to protect my nails. I then applied two thin coats of a black nail polish. It’s much more beneficial to apply a few thin coats rather than one thick coat, this will speed up the drying process and will prevent smudging while applying new layers of polish. After the black base colour had completely dried, I used the corner of a make-up sponge to add a white, curved line down the nail. I then used Barry M ‘Cyan Blue’ as the next layer. Again, using a sponge, I added a thin curved line on top of the white. To add a gradient effect, I blended the cyan blue into the black using a dark, navy blue nail polish. If you don’t have a navy nail polish, you could use blue polish with a small amount of black polish.

Galaxy Nail art_ljmoo123

After applying layers with sponge.

After this process, clean up around the nail with a cotton bud dipped into nail varnish remover, or use a nail corrector pen.  At this point, my nails look very dull and boring but the next step is almost magical…

I added two twin coats of Seventeen Graffiti nail effects in Monochrome. This completely transforms the design, it allows you to create effortless stars and planets.

Galaxy Nails

Galaxy Nails

A bonus of this design is that you can’t really go wrong, every nail is unique. It’s even easy to paint your other hand, the messier, the more natural looking!

You can watch the original Cutepolish video here…

That’s all for today, try it out and let me know what you think!

Ljmoo123 😀


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